Apply to take the Obligation

Although Camp 17 has no official connection to the University of Guelph, our primary obligees come from the graduating class at the University of Guelph School of Engineering. 

If you are completing the undergraduate program, you will be kept informed of the coordination details of the ceremony through the Camp’s faculty representative.
If you are not an undergraduate, the you may still qualify for participation in the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer (i.e., the Iron Ring ceremony).  These will generally be similar across Camps, though you should check with a given Camp for their supporting documentation requirements.  For our Camp, eligibility to participate is as follows:
  1. Completion of a Bachelor Degree in Engineering at a Canadian University accredited by CEAB;     
  2. Completion of a post graduate degree in Engineering at a Canadian University and having met the academic requirements for registration as an E.I.T. in a Provincial Association;
  3. Failing 1) or 2), having met the academic requirements for registration as an E.I.T. in a Provincial  Association;
  4. In addition to the above, the Candidate must be deemed worthy by the Camp performing the Ritual
Members of PEO and others so qualified may obtain an Iron Ring by participating in the ceremony, provided they submit the following listed material, preferably by e-mail to the Camp’s address.
Step 1.        Your written request to participate in the Ceremony.
Step 2.        Information concerning your qualifications to participate including any eligibility notifications from the PEO.  You will need to demonstrate that you have met the educational requirements for engineers in Canada by providing evidence of licensure as a Professional Engineer (or registration as an Engineer in Training) with a provincial engineering licensing body. Your registration number is required for this purpose.  If you are registered as an Engineer in Training (EIT) with a provincial engineering licensing body (e.g., PEO), you will need to contact the Registrar’s office of the licensing body to obtain a letter stating that the academic requirements of an accredited engineering program have been met.   If you are registered as a Professional Engineer in Ontario (P.Eng.) please send your Registration Number and supporting documentation and a photocopy of your Membership Card.
Step 3.        A copy of your C.V.
Our Camp's obligation ceremony is typically held on a Tuesday evening in early March - your documentation is required in early January.  You would apply as a Senior Candidate.  Our Camp is relatively small and, as such, even fully-qualified requests to participate may not be able to be entertained owing to capacity limitations at our venue(s).   As such, it is recommended that interested and qualified candidates may want to look into alternate Camps as well, some of which have dedicated ceremonies specifically for Senior Candidates.  A contact list of other Camps can be found here:  

Please send any questions or your request to participate in the Ceremony (including all supporting information to